Pokémon and Go, the app plays that causes furor in the world

pokemon go
Pokémon Go is a revolutionary game for iOS and Android completely free download, which transports users to an adventure augmented reality.

Pokémon Go is an application with just one week of the rage rolled out worldwide since manages to bring the magic of the Asian saga to reality.

Below is a guide to play Pokemon Go cheats:

– Exploring the environment

The basis of the game is to go outside and look for pokemon go cheats in the real world from augmented reality that allows the application on the phone. It is necessary to go out and explore the environment, through-traffic areas as well as less frequent, but always looking for animals. The legendary saga are in hard to reach places.

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– Pass through many pokestops

The pokestops are highlights of the map that can be found thanks to a GPS, then this step will receive several items, among which include eggs, Pokéballs and even masterballs. It can happen once for each stop to pick up the tools, but will regenerate every 10 minutes. It’s a good idea to look for a park or large area with several pokestops and walk a while until regenerate to farm objects.

– Capture many pokémon 

Another essential step is to capture as many Pokémon as possible. You can capture walking down the street or you can use an incense (tool in the application) to attract pokémon, but the important thing is to catch the maximum number of them to get experience, although we have in the collection. In that case, it will always be the most powerful and let go of the weak, keeping the objects are to capture him.

– Level up

Capture pokemon go cheats which helps level up through experience that is received with each, but it is also important to raise the level pokémon. This requires to achieve a certain amount of specific materials and candies each animal. It is a bit tedious, but you can not ignore this section. The higher the level of pokémon, most likely you will have to lead a gym.

– Conquering gyms 

After all exploration, capture pokémon and increased level, you have to find gyms, but have to wait until level 5 to do so. Combat in Pokémon GO cheats is quite simple, and is based on the battle points each animal when combat the gym leader, so no strategy, only use the most powerful bugs. The goal is clearly to win gyms and become a leader.

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