Pixel Gun 3D, the first-person shooter for free minecraft style available for a short time

pixel gun 3d

The Gabriele friend informs us that the game Pixel Gun 3D for Windows Phone 8 devices is now available for free download. This is a limited initiative in time and we do not know when it will end, so if you are interested hurry to download it because you will save 0,99 Euro!

Pixel Gun 3D cheats is a first person shooter in minecraft style with several multiplayer modes, all capable of offering fun and involvement. For example, in DEATHMATCH mode you will be confronted with other online players (up to 10) using your wide arsenal of weapons in various environments. In TEAM BATTLES you’ll be joining a team (red or blue) to oppose and overwhelm the ball through fighting 4 × 4, 3 × 3, duel and private challenges. In TIME SURVIVAL mode instead you’ll have to survive together with other online players battling different enemies. There is also the singleplayer mode CAMPAIGN in which you will be the protagonists of the face-to-face battles against hordes of zombies that will attack you from all sides.

Like all games of this genre you will have the ability to customize your character and strengthen it by purchasing in the internal weapons of various store type. The touch controls are discreet but you have to do a bit of practice to master them and use them to the fullest.

Pixel Gun 3D is available for all Windows Phone 8 devices, including those with RAM from 512 MB. To follow the link to download from the Store (the installer has a weight of 211 MB, and an extract once occupies about 900 MB of space, thanks to CarloTheMast) and the video official trailer.

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