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The richest thief in the world will look easier in King of Thieves than it is, but with our tips, you will quickly get to the top!


In King of Thieves, you are among many other Langfingers to accumulate gold and hoard precious treasures. You will be able to play through the levels of the individual campaign, which is available to you in the free mobile game, and also attack the dungeons of your competitors. In addition to regular levels, you can find some new houses on the world map. However, you should consider this well, because once the move is decided, it is necessary to acquire defense measures and improvements again. So wait until the totem in your dungeon gives up the mind before you find a new place. The cost of this is usually increased as you progress on your journey.

Defense equipment comes in sets of King of Thieves hack tool in sets and are among other things for gold to have. With the regular game currency, individual traps can also be upgraded. A particularly effective set of protective measures, on the other hand, are paid for the premium premium, the so-called Orbs. To open dungeons – whether you are a single player or a multiplayer – you will need to use their own slides, which will recharge themselves over time. If you watch a video, you can also dodge some free copies. You should rather do without the output of missing keys. While there are ways to fill the blue balls free of charge, there are also much more useful investment opportunities. After you have started a level in King of Thieves, tap on the touch screen to set your thief in motion. He runs in a straight direction until you tap the screen again or he hits a wall. By tapping, you’re going to jump your thief while a wall forces him to stop.

When you start a wall, you have the chance to reach higher levels. With the right timing, the small, black creature will pop up with your help between two opposing walls to continue on higher ground. In order to overcome all the traps that await you at the King of Thieves levels, it is important to find the right time for the jump. In this way you can overcome obstacles such as circular saws, as well as moving specimens, including cannon balls and grimy watchmen, who are floating back and forth. While you earn gold and experience in the single player campaign, you will also get some precious stones in the dungeons of other players. They land in the totem, Which stands in your own dungeon and serves the improvement of the stones. This leads to the ranking of King of Thieves, produces boosts as a byproduct, and also captures objects that you invest in costumes for your thief.

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