Hay Day: 6 tricks to save money and grow your farm faster

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Hay Day is a free game developed by Supercell for Android and iOS, where players have to take care of managing all the activities and resources of a farm that for the moment not live their best times. That said users should plant, harvest and raise animals for products which can then sell to consumers to get more profits. Although you can use diamonds and money to advance in the game, get them is not so simple, so today I want to share 6 tricks Hay Day to save money and grow faster farm .

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1. Do not use all seeds

Hay Day each crop we sow doubles its performance after the harvest is done ; this means that for every unit of corn planted in the plot, get two units of corn at the silo where it is stored. This although this is something positive, can cause us to use all the seeds with the intention of filling the silo faster, but if we do end up by exhausting themand we will have no choice but to use diamonds to buy more seeds.

It is advisable to plant seeds and make sure we have enough in reserve to create the products that we will need later.Even it as they advance in levels and farm continues to grow, we need to constantly feed all the animals, including cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, etc., so we must always be sure to have a good supply of corn, wheat , soybeans and other foods for animals.

2. Planting night, morning harvest

This trick Hay Day Android is particularly useful for those seeds that require more time to grow. Some of crops such as corn, wheat or soybeans, take between 2-20 minutes to mature, so you can quickly harvest, however there are other crops like pumpkins that takes them to grow even hours. So if we plant crops slow growth during the evening, we will reap in the morning.

The same can be done in the case of cattle and resources being developed and it takes them a long time to complete.This mode is only necessary to make sure everything ready and stop the production of these resources starts before going to bed for the morning all is ready.

3. Beware visitors

One of the most fun and sociable aspects Hay Day players can receive visits from other users of the game which also have a farm and often will come to ours to buy some products. Usually no problem with this, however usually common that do not want much money for them to pay, in which case it is very valid refuse to sell our products.

This is part of the game and in no way has to be taken as a bad attitude, especially when it does not really have the resources or the products they want to buy. Of course, if we have a surplus in some products such as wheat or chicken eggs that are quick to obtain, then there will be no problem selling them because certainly can replace easily.

4. Use your stall

The stall in Hay Day is not available until level 7, but since the game starts it is important to build different products so that once it is unlocked, you can use it to sell the goods to our friends on Facebook and it get some money. If you do not know very well what price to offer each of your products then you can consult the newspaper in your mailbox to check the products you are selling other users.

Ideally find a middle price for the goods to be offered in the stall, so it can be sold quickly. Also be sure to contact your friends on Facebook to market the products with them and also be able to buy their goods.

5. Beware orders

Often we see that orders for companies near farm accumulate on the bulletin board; this is certainly not a bad thing because usually are companies that pay us a fair price for our products, but do not always have sufficient resources to cover all orders and have very few, might end up staying nothing if we sell.

It is important to remember that there are crops that take a long time or may even be obtained that even dispongamos the equipment necessary for processing. Consequently orders that can not be met can be removed directly from the bulletin board, there is no problem in doing so as soon new product orders that if we will probably sell it.

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6. Money vs Experience

As orders appear’ll notice that each is accompanied by two symbols: coins and stars . The coins represent the amount of money that can be obtained with each of the orders, while the stars are points of experience you get after that that order is completed.

The trick here is to learn to identify which of those requests are the most convenient to level up in Hay Day . The reason for this is that there are orders while offering less money, while offering a greater amount of experience points, which serves to level up faster.

Do you know other tricks to Hay Day to help us save money and level up faster in the game ?, share them with us and tell us about your experience.

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