Popular way to play on playstation console with free psn codes

Are you ready to hear something that will immediately help you feel better? How about i tell you that today we are going to talk about free online gaming?


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Are they real and how to get free psn codes?

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Pokémon and Go, the app plays that causes furor in the world

pokemon go
Pokémon Go is a revolutionary game for iOS and Android completely free download, which transports users to an adventure augmented reality.

Pokémon Go is an application with just one week of the rage rolled out worldwide since manages to bring the magic of the Asian saga to reality.

Below is a guide to play Pokemon Go cheats:

– Exploring the environment

The basis of the game is to go outside and look for pokemon go cheats in the real world from augmented reality that allows the application on the phone. It is necessary to go out and explore the environment, through-traffic areas as well as less frequent, but always looking for animals. The legendary saga are in hard to reach places.

– Pass through many pokestops

The pokestops are highlights of the map that can be found thanks to a GPS, then this step will receive several items, among which include eggs, Pokéballs and even masterballs. It can happen once for each stop to pick up the tools, but will regenerate every 10 minutes. It’s a good idea to look for a park or large area with several pokestops and walk a while until regenerate to farm objects.

– Capture many pokémon 

Another essential step is to capture as many Pokémon as possible. You can capture walking down the street or you can use an incense (tool in the application) to attract pokémon, but the important thing is to catch the maximum number of them to get experience, although we have in the collection. In that case, it will always be the most powerful and let go of the weak, keeping the objects are to capture him.

– Level up

Capture pokemon go cheats which helps level up through experience that is received with each, but it is also important to raise the level pokémon. This requires to achieve a certain amount of specific materials and candies each animal. It is a bit tedious, but you can not ignore this section. The higher the level of pokémon, most likely you will have to lead a gym.

– Conquering gyms 

After all exploration, capture pokémon and increased level, you have to find gyms, but have to wait until level 5 to do so. Combat in Pokémon GO cheats is quite simple, and is based on the battle points each animal when combat the gym leader, so no strategy, only use the most powerful bugs. The goal is clearly to win gyms and become a leader.


Pixel Gun 3D, the first-person shooter for free minecraft style available for a short time

pixel gun 3d

The Gabriele friend informs us that the game Pixel Gun 3D for Windows Phone 8 devices is now available for free download. This is a limited initiative in time and we do not know when it will end, so if you are interested hurry to download it because you will save 0,99 Euro!

Pixel Gun 3D cheats is a first person shooter in minecraft style with several multiplayer modes, all capable of offering fun and involvement. For example, in DEATHMATCH mode you will be confronted with other online players (up to 10) using your wide arsenal of weapons in various environments. In TEAM BATTLES you’ll be joining a team (red or blue) to oppose and overwhelm the ball through fighting 4 × 4, 3 × 3, duel and private challenges. In TIME SURVIVAL mode instead you’ll have to survive together with other online players battling different enemies. There is also the singleplayer mode CAMPAIGN in which you will be the protagonists of the face-to-face battles against hordes of zombies that will attack you from all sides.

Like all games of this genre you will have the ability to customize your character and strengthen it by purchasing in the internal weapons of various store type. The touch controls are discreet but you have to do a bit of practice to master them and use them to the fullest.

Pixel Gun 3D is available for all Windows Phone 8 devices, including those with RAM from 512 MB. To follow the link to download from the Store (the installer has a weight of 211 MB, and an extract once occupies about 900 MB of space, thanks to CarloTheMast) and the video official trailer.

Hay Day: 6 tricks to save money and grow your farm faster

hay day cheats

Hay Day is a free game developed by Supercell for Android and iOS, where players have to take care of managing all the activities and resources of a farm that for the moment not live their best times. That said users should plant, harvest and raise animals for products which can then sell to consumers to get more profits. Although you can use diamonds and money to advance in the game, get them is not so simple, so today I want to share 6 tricks Hay Day to save money and grow faster farm .

Hay Day Cheats for Android

1. Do not use all seeds

Hay Day each crop we sow doubles its performance after the harvest is done ; this means that for every unit of corn planted in the plot, get two units of corn at the silo where it is stored. This although this is something positive, can cause us to use all the seeds with the intention of filling the silo faster, but if we do end up by exhausting themand we will have no choice but to use diamonds to buy more seeds.

It is advisable to plant seeds and make sure we have enough in reserve to create the products that we will need later.Even it as they advance in levels and farm continues to grow, we need to constantly feed all the animals, including cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, etc., so we must always be sure to have a good supply of corn, wheat , soybeans and other foods for animals.

2. Planting night, morning harvest

This trick Hay Day Android is particularly useful for those seeds that require more time to grow. Some of crops such as corn, wheat or soybeans, take between 2-20 minutes to mature, so you can quickly harvest, however there are other crops like pumpkins that takes them to grow even hours. So if we plant crops slow growth during the evening, we will reap in the morning.

The same can be done in the case of cattle and resources being developed and it takes them a long time to complete.This mode is only necessary to make sure everything ready and stop the production of these resources starts before going to bed for the morning all is ready.

3. Beware visitors

One of the most fun and sociable aspects Hay Day players can receive visits from other users of the game which also have a farm and often will come to ours to buy some products. Usually no problem with this, however usually common that do not want much money for them to pay, in which case it is very valid refuse to sell our products.

This is part of the game and in no way has to be taken as a bad attitude, especially when it does not really have the resources or the products they want to buy. Of course, if we have a surplus in some products such as wheat or chicken eggs that are quick to obtain, then there will be no problem selling them because certainly can replace easily.

4. Use your stall

The stall in Hay Day is not available until level 7, but since the game starts it is important to build different products so that once it is unlocked, you can use it to sell the goods to our friends on Facebook and it get some money. If you do not know very well what price to offer each of your products then you can consult the newspaper in your mailbox to check the products you are selling other users.

Ideally find a middle price for the goods to be offered in the stall, so it can be sold quickly. Also be sure to contact your friends on Facebook to market the products with them and also be able to buy their goods.

5. Beware orders

Often we see that orders for companies near farm accumulate on the bulletin board; this is certainly not a bad thing because usually are companies that pay us a fair price for our products, but do not always have sufficient resources to cover all orders and have very few, might end up staying nothing if we sell.

It is important to remember that there are crops that take a long time or may even be obtained that even dispongamos the equipment necessary for processing. Consequently orders that can not be met can be removed directly from the bulletin board, there is no problem in doing so as soon new product orders that if we will probably sell it.

Must read : How to get free diamonds and coins in hay day .

6. Money vs Experience

As orders appear’ll notice that each is accompanied by two symbols: coins and stars . The coins represent the amount of money that can be obtained with each of the orders, while the stars are points of experience you get after that that order is completed.

The trick here is to learn to identify which of those requests are the most convenient to level up in Hay Day . The reason for this is that there are orders while offering less money, while offering a greater amount of experience points, which serves to level up faster.

Do you know other tricks to Hay Day to help us save money and level up faster in the game ?, share them with us and tell us about your experience.

Boom Beach Cheats for iOS and Android

boom beach tips and tricks

Fever clones Clash of Clans seems endless. In this case, Boom Beach hack is not a clone to use, but a slightly different game, mainly because its creators are SuperCell, already owners of Clash of Clans itself, and probably saw no sense to return to do the same. On this occasion, we will be exploring a tropical archipelago guerrillas, establishing bases and attacking the islands of our rivals (which sometimes are and sometimes other players will be controlled by the game).

Boom Beach is available for platforms iOS (both iPhone and iPad) and Android .As is often the case, it is much more comfortable to play on a tablet, but it is also true that the difference in size between smartphones and tablets is becoming smaller every day. The game is free-to-play but as always, we have the ability to spend real money to accelerate our progress a little. In case that you can not or will not pay ye, here are a few tips that will help you be as efficient as possible.

The most important buildings of our base is the headquarters (if it is destroyed we will automatically give you the battle lost) and the ark of resources , where most of them are stored, so we must ensure that they are well protected. This means surround defenses and mines (remember that Boom Beach no walls, and especially them as far as possible from the coast, which is where the attackers come.

In the early stages of the game, the most precious resource is the wood . We can get cut “by hand” trees of our island (by clicking on them), building a sawmill or attacking other islands to get it , but it is essential that we do so with as much wood as possible as soon as possible. Of course, we should not hoard , but spend it in the construction of buildings and improvements as quickly aspossible.

In fact, our buildings should be always being improved . Unlike other strategy games in Boom Beach we can still use our buildings while improving. This means that a barracks under construction can continue training troops without problems, so there is no reason to delay improvement if we have enough resources. And what to do while we wait for completion of the works to launch new ones? Obviously, attack other islands.

The system of troops this game, as in all similar, is quite simple: the better the troops, the longer unlock them and produce them , and be more expensive. Of course it is worth taking a bit in the description of each, but we can say without fear of contradiction that the most expensive troops are more efficient in most situations .

Of course, this does not mean that we should always use our best troops. An attack can be considered successful as long as we win more resources than we have spent producing our troops attack, thus an attack with cheap troops, but do much less damage, can be much more profitable than raze the enemy village with much more valuable troops. In our hands it is to find a balance that satisfies us.

Improvements, as we said, are the basis of the game, so we should make sure we’re always improving something. But what first improve? In general, if we will play several hours a day, worth improving radar and quality of our troops as soon as possible. No matter what our defenses are weak, because the amount of resources that we will win more goals be much greater than what we steal.However, if we are going to play once or twice a day, we are worth investing in defense first, and worry about our army later.

As for the radar, remember that although unlock new areas costs money eventually will account us , so we should invest in it as we have opportunity. In fact, we should spend all our resources on improvements and troops as quickly as possible, to prevent us from stealing, with one exception: diamonds.Diamonds are rare and by far the most valuable resource of the game, and worth reserving them for when you really need them . Unless we are willing to buy them with real money, of course.

Diamonds can be achieved (without pay) by certain quests or achievements, and also on the Island of Doctor Terror , which appears on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There you can also find fragments and rare stones that will serve to build statues. These will be very useful to us to enhance our buildings, and weshould build them at every opportunity.

And finally, remember that it is a game . It is true that the more we play faster advance, but not worth spend the slope of our island day because it is not a job, but an entertainment.

Tips and tricks about the game Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool on Facebook

8 ball pool tips

You are a big fan of billiards and you spend your time playing games with your friends, then this game is for you. This is  8 Ball Pool Multiplayer on Facebook or miniclip.com . The advantage of this little entertainment is that it allows you to practice and improve your online gaming techniques to defeat different opponents players online billiards games. What is the basic principle of this implementation-fb ? And what are the best tips for winning 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer easily and enter the 8 balls in the holes quickly to win the game?

Game Principle 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer:

This game US Online is based on the principle of billiards classique.Vous have an “8” number of ball to get into the holes to earn points and advance through levels (150).

3 game modes are available: you can play against a (normal mode), tournament or between friends fb- exist in your liste.Cette application can play on Facebook or Miniclip to challenge and confront the connected players in the world entiers.Pour this connection internet is essential and you can play by connecting with a login or guest player mode to win party and win coins.

You have a number of chips to play at a party and you can find tutaux before starting. You do later as well aim and run your tail (adjusting firepower) to return the balls (it is important to win lucky cue to help you). You may help by white lines for your shots. Then choose well your angles between shots to the balls in record time and win the Pool corners .

Answers and solutions on 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer:

  • How to play tournaments in this game?

You must login to Miniclip platform to find online opponents and play tournaments.

  • How have free credits on this game?

I did some research but I have yet to find tips

  • How to make money on 8 Ball Pool?

I earn points on this game and not money

  • What’s a snooker on this game?     It’s kind of a ball shooting

8 Ball Pool Multiplayer smartphone:

Like many games (candy crush on FB, …), you can play this app on iOS or Android on your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and downloaded for free from Google Apps or Apple store.

Cheats and hack Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool:

You find on the web of cheats and hacks codes to easily win games and generate corners and credits or even to replay a shot but it’s still obviously illegal. If you still want to use it, you can check this only working 8 ball pool hack online tool.


agario tips and tricks

We arrived at what appears to be the third of our guides for Agario to help players who want to increase their knowledge about the game, and through this create an advantage that could lead them to improve their performance over other opponents. This corresponds teach and we have set for this release is: how to know how much mass a cell in Agar.io .

First of all it is important to clarify that this function is only possible to apply to the cell that is our property so give us an idea of the total mass of which we have; however if you look around in the cells of the other players, we will not see any numbers, so we can not know exactly what others have mass beyond using our capacity for visual comparison.


This function is in the advanced options Agario offers us as players, and something that is activated before the start of each game.

  1. To enable the display of the mass we have, we will go to the section on advanced configurations, as is to be expected is a button that presents a kind of gear inside.
  2. Once we have made the selection of the mentioned button, we will see immediately be deployed various fields , among which is the “option Show Mass “. You have to activate that box.
  3. Once the box checked, and will only be necessary to select the play button, or ” Play ” (in English) to start viewing the mass as well as you’ve seen in the first image presented in this publication.

To recapitulate this process and leave something more enlightened and understandable, we leave the next image showing a number in certain areas depending on the pace at which corresponds in the process of showing the level of mass Agar.io -that in the PC version , so you should apply the process depending on the device on which you propose to download Agario and play-.


Mainly it serves to give us an idea of which have mass and thus know for example what is the contribution that we receive after eating another player of a certain size. It also becomes useful when we arrived and a certain amount of mass, and then a big opponent steals a part; so we realize how much we will have to get to get to the previous size.

This feature has many applications and utilities , and depends on our imagination, creativity, and seek always to give an intelligent application that allows us to be one step before the average user Agar.io.

Get free coins, speed hack, mass hack etc with our latest agario hack no survey .

Curiously , it is important to use this publication to comment that when you have a fairly high ground level in the game – for example after reaching the list of the top 10 – your body will gradually reduce quickly if you do not You play in eating other opponents or take advantage of the food is watered on the map.

What I’m going with this ?, if you stand still and do nothing to increase your mass – regardless of your size, only affects the big – your scale will be phased out gradually.


If they were set well in the boxes that were adjacent to teach you this time, we told you that we will make a description and mini guide like this, for each of them; so we made sure not to doubt, and calm as much possible unknowns.

One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack Online Tool Free

one piece treasure cruise hack

Today is the day that we are happy to present our new work. One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack Tool Cheat Trick has been designed for you, to make your life easier and can derive more enjoyment of the game, and at the same time not lose your money. I miss you resources at stake, you do not want to spend much real cash for it? Through our unique program, your problems will disappear. Our program will allow you to add an unlimited number of items such as Rainbow Gem, Beli, Resistance and Double XP. Today you can download totally free One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack iOS for smartphone and PC mirrors that are on the bottom of the page. Before the launch program was tested by more than 100 beta testers around the world and each said the One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheat is 100% complete. By using our program should not detect any errors or mistakes. During testing, none of our account receives no prohibition in the game. Of course, any program created it is 100% safe.We obtained from detection by the manufacturer of gaming systems such as the system proxy and anti-ban system. So you can use our One Piece Treasure Cruise Trick Hack Tool Cheat pirater without fear of ban or delete your game account. Our one piece Treasure Cruise Android does not require you to enter your username and password. The program is designed so that it does not require root or jailbreak your device. Once you have downloaded a piece Treasure Cruise apk each user receives personalized assistance through live chat . We are at your service 24/7! We are a professional and the most important business for us is the satisfaction of our users! Every day of our programs use several thousand satisfied users. Join this group today!


One Piece Treasure Cruise hack can be a hack’n’slash game project with RPG elements and also a roguelike. Why design? The game is made by a group of fans and is from the beginning of their means, and the authors are women big ambitions. As a self – sustaining project has its drawbacks as all kinds of items, such as interface, the sound with the principles of balance, it has some advantages from spontaneity industry, references to titles well known and generally pleasant climate.

The rules are simple, as always. Your character how to cut a piece of Treasure Cruise trip selected from a number of available classes is launched with a small plaque that must defeat coming for a moment “waves” things. During satisfied chaff gains experience character that can promote and develop statistics woods (modest) skill, and acquire jewel for healing potions in the game, and other useful extras. There are a lot of varieties of monsters containing elite variants with improved statistics and additional skills. Add as compared to that boss that concludes each level, randomized design on the board in each game as well as some of the worlds separate amounts of difficulty, and resolves that this very few baseline principles hat is usually drawn enough combinations not bored for a prolonged time.

You can also leave the motherboard down how to get a piece of the treasure Cruise hack into the dungeons, caves or perhaps wineries, exceeding the mystery of the “set stones on the” more stuff and head level. For this we collect about the game objects that give us new perspectives, potions and deposits. Beli are the currency in the game to buy you should buy some humorous devices such as hats or mascot for type skeletal frame. Good reports, however, is that you can not buy a profit, since none of these objects does not affect the game.Moreover, the volume of crystals found up enough speed silent for a modest cart.

The action is often lost and usually unfairly. Because every little thing is random, you may end terribly after being hit on the opponent drastically us all przerastającego level, after falling into the trap of too strong or perhaps heads after drinking the potion and potions evil within the One Piece game online generator Treasure Cruise not even have a label. In this situation, we are delivering products heavily overworked and jewel rainbow but we do not lose our identity dobytych levels. So we started from scratch, but with completely new forces. This is definitely an older fans in the games roguelike game known model, we do not hide the heavy inspiration hits the ground game Steam binding of Isaac.



10 tips to grow your city in SimCity BuildIT

BuildIT SimCity is a game of construction and management , in which we have to create our ideal city, with all that entails and disadvantages. The game is free, so we have a game of “Time Management” where we have to go waiting time intervals until the buildings and improvements finished.

Of course, they also allow us to buy In-App items, which will make us move faster in creating our city, but as is usual in these games, following some guidelines and having a little patience, we can play without spending Extra money. In this post we give you 10 tips / advice to better manage your city , especially when you begin with her.

simcity buildit cheats

Clash Royale Guide: Tips and strategies for the new game Supercell

 From Supercell they did not want to get stuck in Clash of Clans and have managed toprove that they are able to create a new game that innovates in the genre of card games and strategy Clash Royale . If you’ve just discovered the game or you’re a veteran you need some help, do not miss our guide with the best tips, tricks and strategies to win the game and get gold, gems and chests .

How to win battles in Clash Royale

 In Clash Royale play on a board composed of 6 towers, 3 own and 3 opponent, there are two towers Arena and another is the tower of the king. If we destroy the tower of the King won the game , and attack we will use cards in our hand that we will be stealing, which use them to have to spend elixir .

Royale Clash mix luck and strategy . If you are good cards all will be rolled, but everything is complicated if you do not have such luck. The key is to destroy all enemy towers as you can, so be careful where you put your troops because once positioned can no longer control them .

how to get free gems in clash royale

The best strategy is to attack wait to have all the elixir needed to get at least three of your best troops and attack the enemy tower together. A good combination of cards is to use tanks to absorb damage while on the other hand launched airstrikes.?

Also sometimes it is a recommended strategy simply wait to see what the contrary agoand reserve elixir react to your movement. Especially manages the elixir very carefully , using all our elixir in a turn we can expose.

What cards Clash improve Royale

A common mistake is to improve Clash Royale cards in the first opportunity we have. We recommend that you , Take it easy and ponder what units are the best and therefore worth improve, not simply mejoréis all yes.

How to get a lot of experience to level up

The Clash Royale will be getting better as we gain experience level and let us go. A perfectly valid way to get experience is giving cards to other players , so take advantage of it and be generous with your card ..

 Similarly when we improve our letters and when we got achievements of the game will get valuable experience points for us. The achievements are important because up to level 3 can not join a clan and exchange letters, thereby gaining experience, so focus on making achievements from the beginning to level up quickly.

For what are the clans Clash Royale

Clans Clash Royale are in the social system that has the game and has a chat for players to clump together and collaborate with each other . The main advantages of the clans in this regard is that we exchange letters between the various clan members. Therefore, if you give a card to another player who needs to get coins and experience . Similarly you can ask you cards to see if any member of the clan you can give.

clash royale gems hack no survey

To enter a clan just we have to click on the tab clans in the game and there we can find the clan we want as we want by filtering for example by language to find all Spaniards. You can only be in one clan at a time, so I look at it well before joining, and there are clans that can only be accessed by invitation and not available.

If you get tired of a clan and want to leave, just go to the tab of the clan, access your data tab and press the button to quit.

How to Get chests in Clash Royale

Obviously, the easiest way is paying for it, but what we want to avoid so we show the different ways to get them.

First the coffers obtained battles give us all kinds of prizes like gems, gold or lettersthat can be used to improve our game. Clash Royale has several types of chests, chests to get every 4 hours although the worst value, treasure chests will get them winning battles and can be silver, gold and magic , which enhances content from last to first. In addition, magic chests can buy them with gems and money

Finally there are the chests crowns we can get every 24 hours and we can get if we destroy at least 10 towers.

How to get gems Clash Royale

Gems In Clash Royale is the main currency of the game . We used to buy upgrades for our letters by gold, buy more cards and chests, but they also have a very important role, as they allow us to open the coffers to get into the battle, if not behoove wait out 3 to 12 hours depending on the box to open it.

Although you may be tempted to use them to open chests and shorten waiting times, it is best that you use to buy magic chests in where you get the best cards that will serve to win.

Of course, we can buy gems directly with money in our pockets, but we can also get them for free . There are several ways: First, we have to win battles with which to obtain chests where they can come gems. On the other hand if we carry out missions in the game also we get the prized gems. Finally , if we join a clan directly we get 100 gems free.

How to win gold in Clash Royale

Gold is very useful in Clash Royale, since it will serve us to buy new cards, to fight and to update the cards but cost us quite get it . Gold will find it mainly in the coffers we get, but in addition we can also get it by donating letters to members of our clan.

5 Advanced Strategies for Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a great game, we know all and we we made clear in our analysis of the game. And of course, at first everything it is easy, draw cards everywhere, explosions and troops fighting across the board, and win does not seem so complicated.

However this does not last long, and as we go up in the fighting arenas become more difficult to win, and if we do not play with head not suddenly see that we keep losing, and that is something we do wrong.

That is why in Gamermovil you’ve added to our guides 5 Advanced Strategies for Clash Royale you need to know to turn your losses into victories. Here we leave them , do not miss them!

  • Manages strategically elixir : Throw a card only when you have enough elixir see more contradefensa to launch an attack if an undefended tower. Do not spend all the elixir in a single card unless absolutely necessary. Similarly, as you see that your opponent uses a card of 5 or more elixir, fail to launch powerful cards in towers undefended as the balloon or the rider. Your opponent will be helpless to react to your attack and can tear down a tower in a single attack.
  • If you hold down the letter when you choose , it will show on the bar elixir a box with the elixir you spend. Use this to calculate the cost of that card and the amount of elixir would need in the case of using another card.
  • Win time to launch new cards . When almost already have the elixir for a new card, take it and even hold your finger on it, drag it to where you want to throw. When the elixir is already available drop it , and thus gain precious seconds to move your troops at full speed.
  • In Clash Royale we can not control our troops directly, but if you hold down a letter on enemy troops, you will see emerge a exclamations over their heads . This means it will those troops to attack your letter. Use this to choose who want to attack.
  • There are cards that make sense only used at specific times and become very powerful. A barrel of goblins is very useful at the last minute to finish an unprotected tower, the tower bomb is extraordinary to defend your territory but is vulnerable to winged characters, and the giant can knock down a tower single but not defended from enemies . Learn all the weaknesses and strengths of your cards to be more effective. So compensates its weaknesses: accompanies the tower with a dragon air defense or arrows, or accompanies the giant troops to enable it to move forward.

You know advanced strategies that we have not discussed? Share them in the comments!